About Us

Oak Hollow Productions is the name we have dubbed our home and workshop. My name is Don, and my wifes name is Marie. We relocated to Arkansas in 2005, and have never looked back. 

We share an interest in giving new life to old things in an entirely different way than the original purpose. We also love old crafts that are handed down from one generation to the next. We both are learning how to hook rugs. My first rug is a small project of my own design, reflecting my love for golf. Marie's first project is a 22X50 rug that we will use on the floor. Using the same frames we are selling to you helps us to understand your experience.
In our own small way we hope to share in preserving a part of the American artisan in our culture through our own love of American creativity and support of the fiber art known as rug hooking.  Our goal is to  support your love of the same through these rug hooking frames.

You Can reach us at (870)-688-4601
E-mail is janluyken@cox .net
Our address is:
223 Sansing Hollow Rd,
Harrison AR.
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